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Dandelion Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects

Dandelion Tea

Drinking Dandelion Tea is standout amongst the most popular and undoubtedly known natural tea solutions for hundreds of years. There are numerous medical advantages of drinking dandelion tea. Dandelions rich with many minerals including boron, calcium, choline, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc potassium alongside vitamins, for example, A, B- complexes, C and D make this a standout amongst the best herbal tea cures. Let’s take a look at incredible health benefits of drinking dandelion tea.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea Health Benefits

Diminish Digestive Issues

Your stomach related system is a complicated part of many organs performing their different work. Many individuals encounter distress in the digestive system than other places of the body. Gas, bloating, obstruction and acid reflux are only a couple of the basic illnesses that originated from this zone. On the off chance that you are prone to this kind of uneasiness, drink dandelion tea directly after your meal. The tea fortifies digestive chemicals from your mouth all the way down to your small digestive tract giving you instant relief.

Manage Blood Sugar

For individuals experiencing diabetes, keeping up a steady level of blood sugar is significant for a healthy life. The Dandelion tea has demonstrated a capacity to direct glucose levels and keep away the spikes and drops that can be so risky. Research on this impact is limited, yet the early outcomes are incredibly reassuring for those attempting to oversee diabetic symptoms.

Improves Kidney Functioning

The Dandelion tea is an effective diuretic. Kidneys help in taking out waste items from the body. Appropriate kidney working is fundamental for healthy living. The underlying foundations of the dandelion herb contain active ingredients called sesquiterpene lactones, which enhance the purifying activity of nephrons in kidneys. This way prompts increased end of overabundance sodium and chloride from the body through frequent urination.

Colds and cough treatment

Dandelion tea has antioxidant characteristics, which is gainful when experiencing a Colds and cough. Drinking one cup of Dandelion tea may help to support the body’s insusceptibility when experiencing such conditions.

Brain Function Improvement

Dandelion tea is a rich wellspring of Vitamin K, a mineral essential for appropriate and stable working of the brain. The Vitamin K enables the brain to battle neurone harm and keeps away Alzheimer’s ailment in people.

Liver Disorders

The Dandelions may help the liver from numerous points of view. While the anti-oxidants like vitamin-C and Luteolin keep the liver working in ideal gear and shield it from maturing, different compounds in dandelions help treat haemorrhaging in the liver. Besides, dandelions tea assist in keeping up the good flow of bile, while additionally empowering the liver and advancing digestion. Good digestion can diminish the odds of constipation, which thus decreases the danger of more genuine gastrointestinal problems.

Cancer Growth

Dandelion tea may moderate cancer’s growth and keep it from spreading. The leaves of dandelion are especially rich in the antioxidants and phytonutrients that battle cancer.

Beat Water Retention

As the Dandelion leaf has natural diuretic properties, it raises urine production by advancing the discharge of salts and water from the kidney. It might be utilised for an extensive variety of conditions requiring gentle diuretic treatment, for example, poor digestion, liver issue, and hypertension. One preferred standpoint of dandelion tea is that dandelion is a wellspring of potassium, a supplement frequently lost by using other natural and manufactured diuretics.


The Dandelion tea can be able to help diabetic patients by invigorating the generation of insulin from the pancreas, in this way keeping the glucose level low. Since dandelions are diuretic in nature, they increment urination in diabetic patients, which expels the abundance sugar from the body. Diabetics are likewise prone to renal issues, so the diuretic properties of dandelion would help be able to expel the sugar testimony in the kidneys through increased urination. Moreover, dandelion tea is somewhat biting to taste, which viably brings down the sugar level in the blood, as every bitter substance do. Reliably lower blood sugar and a more managed arrangement of insulin discharge avoids dangerous spikes and plunges for diabetic patients so that dandelion concentrates can be a perfect method!

Skin Problem

Dandelion tea is an also rich source of Vitamin C, which implies it is useful for your gums and furthermore battles numerous maladies that are caused because of a lack of Vitamin C. It is useful for the treatment of scurvy, anaemia, stress and furthermore to an extent which cures particular skin issues and blood disorders.

Secures Your Bones

Dandelion tea gives an appropriate quantity of calcium which you require each day. This is the most abundant of the minerals found in the body, and we store it in our teeth and bones. Calcium is utilised for hormone secretion, blood coagulating, muscle constriction and nerve transmission. By drinking dandelion tea, helps you to keep away from muscle strain, calcium lack, hypertension and tooth decay.


The research proposes that the dandelion plant contains flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory impacts which may assist relieve inflammation related with skin diseases, boils, joint pain and menstrual cramps. Drinking one cup of dandelion leaf tea every day may help with these conditions.

Improved Bowel Function

When you drink dandelion tea, then you get large amounts of dietary fibre. The fibre advances intestinal wellbeing and digestion. It will enable add to bulk to stools and facilitate the instances of constipation or loose bowels.

Lower High Cholesterol

The liver is perceived as having a significant influence in high cholesterol levels. The body makes it’s own cholesterol by the liver so if your liver is over delivering cholesterol or your stomach related system isn’t handling it appropriately, you may get high cholesterol levels. As specified above, dandelion tea is useful to the stomach related system and it most accommodating in purifying the liver, so it makes well sense that drinking dandelion tea will enable your body to cleanse itself of cholesterol.

Gall Bladder Disorders

The Dandelions tea is extremely gainful for the gall bladder and liver as they enhance their general working, shields them from sick impacts of oxidants and infections, and controls the various secretions from both organs.

Urinary Tract Infections

Combined with another herb, uva ursi, dandelion roots and leaves may help to keep away urinary tract diseases. It’s trusted that this mix works as a result of anti-bacterial properties in uva ursi, and the increased urination related with dandelion.

Help Weight Loss

The natural compounds in dandelion tea have demonstrated that it can have certain anti-obesity impacts which suppressing many fat-metabolizing enzymes. On top of this, the diuretic results of this tea will help dispense with water weight and bloating, which can be frustrating for anybody attempting to get more fit.

Skin Healthcare

Dandelion tea contributes to relive the causes of swelling on the skin and painful irritation.As it is rich in antioxidants, it helps in battling the free radicals that cause many indications of maturing. In this manner, by drinking some natural tea day by day, you are deferring the impacts of maturing and keeping your skin looking young and gorgeous.

Stress Relief

Research demonstrates that B vitamins help lessen the stress. Dandelion contains B vitamins and has appeared to be an effective solution for stress relief. Drinking a cup of dandelion tea after a hectic and long day may help to relieve stress.

Side effects of Dandelion tea

On the off chance that you are sensitive to ragweed, you may see an allergic response from dandelion tea. Those with allergies ought to be doubly sure to check with their doctor before taking dandelion tea.

Due to its diuretic properties, dandelion tea may forcefully able to drugs out of your body. Make sure to check with your specialist if you are on any drug.

  • Diuretics: If you are as of now on diuretics, dandelion tea may cause you to shed excessively water, prompting to dehydration.
  • Lithium: Taken for bipolar disorders, lithium reactions can move toward for becoming exacerbated by dandelion tea.
  • Diabetes Medication: Blood sugar levels may drop too low when a dandelion tea is taken, and you’re on diabetes meds.
  • Anticoagulants: The Warfarin and aspirin thin blood and dandelion may raise your danger of excess bleeding.
  • Antibiotics: If you are taking dandelion tea, your body may not retain the antibiotics well. This may make them less efficient.
  • Antacids: Dandelion tea would be able to increase stomach acid, which may interfere with acid neutralizers.

How to make Dandelion Tea

Step 1 Collect modest bunches of dandelion leaves. Select fresh, littler leaves if conceivable.

Step 2 Clean the leaves under running water. Put them dry with a paper towel. Spread the leaves on a plate and let them dry in a warm room or air cabinet. Turn them every so often. Store leaves in a glass jar out of direct sunlight.

Step 3 Include one teaspoon of dried leaves for one cup of tea to the tea kettle. Add mint leaves to the tea if wanted.

Step 4 Include bubbling hot water and let the tea soak for 5 minutes.

Step 5 Serve the tea with a piece of lemon or orange.

In this way, try to start drinking the dandelion tea to help sort your health issues today by these health benefits of Dandelion Tea.


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