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Nettle Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects


Nettle leaf contains minerals and additionally has a long convention in folk medicine. It has calming properties and has been utilised as a joint inflammation cure. It might likewise cure many diseases like hypertension, hay fever, and kidney issues. Due to its high iron substance and its capacity to help in the absorption of iron, it might reduce iron insufficiency anaemia too. There are many health benefits to drinking Nettle tea. On the off chance that you are interested in figuring out how to help your body’s natural defences you may have to attempt a cup of Nettle tea. It has been guaranteed that the impacts of drinking only two cups a day could enhance your health.

Nettle Tea Health Benefits:

Joint pain treatment

Nettle leaves are utilised in the treatment of those painful, delicate tissue conditions, for example, tendonitis and fibromyalgia. Have a go at drinking Nettle tea a cup for every day. Stinging Nettle leaf separates are used in many countries for the treatment of rheumatic infections. The antioxidant characteristics of the nettle plant tea are used to help limit irritation. It can be utilised topically to help calm joint agony also. It’s an adjuvant treatment implying that it is utilised close by different systems to improve them work better.

Kidney Health treatment

The most encouraging and very much examined advantage of nettle tea has to do with its impact on the kidneys. As a capable diuretic, nettle tea can help to stay healthy, reliable urination and flow rate. Many individuals experience the ill effects of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Nettle tea has been appeared to limit this symptom and enhance prostate wellbeing, while additionally expanding the levels of testosterone in the body. It can likewise keep away the advancement of kidney stones.

Shields DNA from Damage

Our differing nourishment habits bring toxins into our body. These toxins can harm the DNA and cell layers. The antioxidants available in nettle tea expel these toxins, harm causing free radicals and secure our DNA and cell layers.

Liver Protection

A liver is a vital part of our body health. Our livers are in charge of so much that we totally should turn out to be more mindful of how to keep it strong. Our livers separate all our foods, clear the toxins from our bodies, forms the greater part of our sensory input, and is our warmth heater. It’s the main organ in the body that can recover. Nettle Leaf can assume as a vital part in recuperating our livers.

Functioned as a Preventive Measure

One cup of tea prepared from Nettle Leaf comprises of much wellbeing boosting segments, and specialists prescribe it as a preventive cure for regular cold and flu. If you can figure out how to gulp a cup of the Nettle leaf bubbled in hot water, you can enhance your body’s resistance from diseases and keep many ailments under control.

Aides in Treating Acne

The dried nettle leaves tea utilised to treat skin break out and blemishes. It is additionally utilised as a skin tonic for oily, skin inflammation as it helps in lessening acne as well as does that without leaving any scars or flaws behind.

Anti-Allergy Properties

People utilised the herb stinging nettles for a huge number of years to treat numerous wellbeing conditions, including allergies. Presently, science has demonstrated that nettles are viable for allergy treatment.

Helps in Blood Circulation

The various advantages of nettle tea additionally incorporate its capacity to improve the generation of red blood cells in human body. This is essential because of the way that you find a lot of iron and vitamin C in the nettle tea. The Vitamin C brings an ascent of iron consumed by the stomach related system and, this builds the quantity of red blood cells. Improved levels of RBC support the blood stream, which guarantees that there is a plenteous supply of oxygen all through the body.

The advantages of nettle tea on depression

The nettle tea is a natural wellspring of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that assumes a part in brain function. The low serotonin levels may cause emotional problems, for example, depression.

Soothes constipation

On the off chance that you have ever experienced constipation you will know how uncomfortable it feels. Your entire body feels lazy, and your stomach can feel bloated and extended. Drinking a cup nettle tea can give some relief and help the body to work properly.

Heals Urinary Tract Disease

The nettle tea has diuretic properties and helps in urination. It is utilised as a part of the treatment of urinary tract contamination, bladder disease and other urinary issues caused because of kidney and bladder stones as it separates the stones into microscopic sizes and flushes them out with urine. It is additionally useful in treating diarrhoea and dysentery.

For Heart Health

There is an association between bringing blood pressure and the daily utilisation of nettle tea. The anti-inflammatory substances, and additionally the potassium found in nettle can both help to decrease strain in arteries and veins, advancing more beneficial circulation and oxygenating the body appropriately. This can bring down your odds of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular inconveniences.

Arrests Bleeding

Because of the styptic characteristics of nettle tea, it indicates just like a robust approach to capture bleeding of stomach and lungs. Likewise, the tea checks the bleeding identified with haemorrhoids and additionally stops nosebleeds.

It’s useful for oral cleanliness

Your mouth uncovers a great deal about your wellbeing and poor oral cleanliness can indeed antagonistically influence your prosperity. Gum issues like gingivitis and plaque can cause mouth sores and halitosis. Anticipate gingivitis by utilising nettle tea extracts by your mouthwash while gargling.

Diabetes Therapy

The nettles indicated tremendous ability to help a considerable lot of the medical problems connected to diabetes, including decreasing high glucose levels, lessening the symptom of unreasonable thirst, enhancing body weight, controlling insulin levels, diminishing the torment of neuropathy and also enhancing memory and cognition. While the exploration utilising nettles for diabetes is still in its earliest stages, these noteworthy outcomes propose that the herb holds incredible guarantee for the malady.


Nettle tea is an excellent standard solution for allergies. Therefore, you feel better amid allergy season after utilising nettle; it’s not all in your head. It has been demonstrated that there are bioactive in Nettle tea that restrains the pro-inflammatory pathways identified with unfavourably susceptible rhinitis.

Possible Side Effects of Nettle tea

Despite the fact that nettle is, for the most part, thought to be protected and nontoxic, there are some Side Effects related to its improper use.

  • Side impacts can incorporate an annoyed stomach, sweating skin irritation, and skin rash.
  • It may likewise cause interactions with specific drugs. This list combines antiplatelet, anticoagulant, antihypertensive, circulatory strain, blood more slender, diuretic, diabetes, a sleeping disorder, and non-steroidal calming medications, and lithium.
  • Side effects have a tendency to be more typical when the root is made into tea than when the tea is produced using nettle leaves.
  • The greatest prescribed utilisation of nettle tea is four glasses for every day.

A few ladies observe nettle tea to be valuable during pregnancy as it bolsters the kidneys, which are regularly depleted during pregnancy. But overabundance utilisation of nettle tea may interfere with the lining of the uterus.

The most efficient method to make nettle tea

The making of nettle tea is straightforward, and has such top comes about (simply like making other herbal tea). For this nettle tea making formula, utilise dried nettle leaves or an available nettle teabag. (You’ll discover a recipe for how to make nettle tea from fresh nettle below.)


  • One nettle teabag or 1 tablespoon dried nettle leaves
  • 250 ml fresh, naturally bubbled hot water
  • Optional flavours: your most loved healthy sweetener (like natural sugar or honey) and some other additional items to taste, similar to mint or citrus

Directions to make nettle tea  

  1. Firstly, Add the teabag or dried nettle leaves to your most loved container or mug (an infuser mug or tea ball works incredibly for loose tea leaves).
  2. Cool the simply bubbled hot water normally (herbal teas are best saturated with heated water, instead of boiling water), and afterwards, pour into your glass.
  3. Now cover the mug and let your nettle tea soak for 10 to 15 minutes (this more extended preparing time draws out the tea’s best flavour and fullest advantages).
  4. After that remove the teabag or loose nettle tea leaves.
  5. For Optional: Add additional items to taste, similar to sweetener, lemon, or mint.

Now, fresh nettle tea is prepared and enjoys its benefits.

Taking everything into account, the nettle tea plant is a super plant that with all the more contemplating and more consideration could turn into a lasting expansion of natural medicine. More individuals need to think about this great plant, and its capacities to mend the human body without the utilisation of drugs. So it has great health benefits.


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