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Punarnava Health Benefits


Punarnava is an exceptionally popular herb in Ayurvedic culture. The Punarnava is a medicinal herb and is famous for its wellbeing promoting advantages. These sorts of herbs are the essentially supernatural occurrence in itself and precious. The word punarnava signifies “renewer” or one which re-establishes the body as Punarnava has a tendency to renew and revive body systems. Punarnva is used as main ingredients in all anti-obesity pharmaceuticals. Punarnava is notable for its diuretic and swelling diminishing exercises. Today we will be talking about the Punarnava health benefits.

Punarnava Health Benefits

Punarnava benefits for Kidney:

This herb is especially useful for treating all the diseases of the kidneys as it decreases the urea levels from the body extremely efficiently. It has turned into a staple for recuperating and making health, particularly for kidney patients. The herb disposes of abundance body liquids and in the meantime keeps the development of urinary stones which are the major Punarnava benefits for Kidney. It cleans down the kidneys and disposes of kidney stones. Only one-month utilisation of punarnava Ayurveda herb can advance Kidney working better.

Supportive in Fevers:

The Punarnava is also incorporated in liver protecting activity when utilised with Giloy. Dengue fever severely influences lever and its working. A liver is the body’s second biggest organ which is in charge of digestion through bile generation. It detoxifies chemicals and processes drugs. Liver covers up bile that wind up back in the digestive organs. This organ likewise makes proteins vital for blood coagulating and other different functions. The mix of giloy and punarnava care for liver and cures dengue viably.

Useful in Cancer Medication:

Punarnava is a great herb for cancer medication. The Punarnavine is an alkaloid which is considered to be an anti-cancer agent. It is believed that the punarnavine could improve the immune response and prohibit the metastatic movement. The concentrate from the entire plant of punarnava is especially useful for cancer cure. This herb has additionally been appeared to be helpful in cardiokine, hepatoprotective, choleretic, antioxidant and anti-cancer. In cancer, the Punarnava is hostile to metastatic, and additionally cancer preventive.

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Cure Jaundice from Punarnava:

In the Indian Ayurvedic pharmaceutical framework Punarnava herb is utilised to treat Jaundice. It has numerous medicinal properties incorporating diuretic impact in the body. Punarnava herb reconditions liver, cleanses the blood and helps in providing the essential haemoglobin required in the human body. The root of punarnava is utilised as a part of the treatment of Jaundice.By consistent utilise one can recoup entirely inside a month.

Cure from Skin Diseases:

This herb is an excellent solution for boosting the advancement of healthy skin. The blood filtration properties of Punarnava herb treats skin diseases adequately. It helps in deferring the indications of maturing by keeping skin healthy, purged and free of diseases. Punarnava herb detoxifies skin and clears it from diseases. It is exceptionally valuable in skin infections like scabies. It is considered as an astounding healthy solution for guinea worms.

Helpful in Anaemia:

Punarnava is a powerful treatment for iron insufficiency anaemia. It fundamentally increases the haemoglobin level and decreases the harmful effects of anaemia. It also radically improves the serum level of iron and ferritin and enhances total iron binding limit. It is additionally useful in instances of chronic severe anaemia, which causes swelling. Punarnava acts in two ways. Firstly, it enhances haemoglobin level and may likewise empower the development of the blood. The second activity is that it prompts diuresis and decreases the amassed liquids in the body.

Stomach related issues:

Punarnava is valuable in supporting the stomach and advancing its activity. It is gainful in the treatment of many stomach problems, especially intestinal colic. The powder of the root is taken in measurements of 5 gms (1 tsp) three times daily can be helpful in stomach disorders. It is likewise valuable in removing intestinal worms.

Anti-Obesity properties:

The Anti-Obesity assets of this herb are utilised in medication purpose. Punarnava are similarly useful in Obesity as they help to wipe out toxins from the body. The Punarnava is very helpful in the treatment of all anti-obesity herbal medications in one or another form. It is also advantageous in the treatment of many common ailments.

Treat with eyes problems:

Punarnava is also specified as a Powerful Eye Rejuvenator herb in Ayurveda. Leaf of Boerhavia diffusa(Punarnava) is valuable in various eye issues like Redness in Eyes, Watering of Eyes, and Dryness of Eyes. The fresh root juice of Punarnava is put into eyes to get alleviation from many eye illnesses like night visual deficiency and conjunctivitis. The Seed of this Herb is utilised as a part of treatment of Eye Flu, and it is found to remove toxins of Eye and shield Eye from Allergy and Ultraviolet radiations

So above mentioned were some health benefits of Punarnava. It is truly an astounding herb with various advantages. Continuously trust on this herb will show you Punarnava benefits on your health. These resemble the joy of Mother Nature and a sort of natural medication for all the ailments.

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